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S02 E10 The Secrets of The Monastery

It’s just the right time to share the story of The Monastery in Gorton, Manchester. We first came here in 2019 and absolutely loved it. It has a very peaceful and deeply spiritual vibe, but I didn’t really appreciate why. Now it all makes a bit more sense… I really enjoyed speaking with Elaine Griffiths […]

S02 E09 The Grief Episode

I appreciate that it’s been a while since our last episode. There continues to be a lot of change for everyone during this time (yes an understatement, I know). I’m very much about sharing stories that are of interest to me and/or that are very relevant to what’s going on. This one ticks both of […]

Sharing the Vibe S01 E05 Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is this week’s subject. Listen to Rachel Swann talk about why diets don’t work and how to eat mindfully. Rachel is an Emotional Eating and Body Confidence Coach based in Leeds. Her personal experience of making the connection between her emotions and how she used food as a coping mechanism has led her […]