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S02 E06 How to support the Immune system

Our topic is how to support the Immune System which is always important but particularly at the moment, when our focus needs to be on keeping ourselves and our families as healthy as possible. Simona Vateva, owner of Nutrienne, joins me to give some practical ideas of healthy choices you can make to improve your […]

Dealing with change

I recorded a talk offering personal insights into some of the feelings that you might be experiencing during the current situation. I offer some practical suggestions of things that might help you. This talk was shared as part of the Leeds Momm (Moments of mass mindfulness) virtual event on 10th May 2020.

S02 E05 Leeds MOMM Event

To join the Leeds MOMM online on Sunday the 10th of May: If you’re on Facebook, then you will get access to the full programme of sessions (starting at 10am) by following the link below to our event and booking a ticket to become a member of the group: https://www.facebook.com/events/239441417116765/ If you don’t have a […]

S02 E04 Simplicity

Our new episode is about keeping things simple with Kieran O’Connor, aka The Simplicity Guy. We chat about finding more simple solutions to life’s challenges. Often we can feel overwhelmed when dealing with issues and problems and can’t see how to move forward, even if the answer is right in front of us. Kieran also […]

S02 E03 Feng Shui

Happy New Year to you all! We’re very excited to start 2020 with a podcast on Feng Shui with consultant Korina Hortynska. Korina explains how changing the energy in your home or work environment can impact important aspects of your life. She also gives a few practical suggestions to improve our spaces by moving things […]

S02 E02 All About Crystals

This week we meet Mario and Bev and talk about everything to do with crystals. They are definitely a couple of Leeds legends and opened their Global Tribe shop in 1999. They have a great story and are lots of fun. Crystals are so much more than pretty stones so sit back and find out […]

S02 E01 Money Matters

This week is all about money… Why a whole episode dedicated to money and finance? Well because it’s a source of tension and stress for so many people. A difficult relationship with money can lead to relationship breakdowns, mental health problems and sometimes even suicide. My guests are the wonderful Sam Leigh and Sanae Floyd […]

S01 E14 Gloria Kimberley Health, Wellness & Connection

Thank you for all your support for the first series of our podcast! Whether you’ve subscribed, liked our Facebook page, commented or simply shared a link with a friend (hopefully you’ve done all of these things!), we deeply appreciate your help in getting this information out there to all the people who need it. This […]