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S01 E13 Men’s mental health – part two

It’s men’s mental health part two with Gloria joined again by friends of the pod Sam, Ryan and Chris. Getting men talking isn’t easy so we were grateful to have three very open guests who were more than happy to share their experiences and ideas. We discuss the role of social media, advertising and even […]

S01 E12 Men’s Mental Health part one

Men’s mental health is a huge issue in the UK with an obscene amount of deaths each year from male suicide (4,383 in 2017). It has been referred to as a silent epidemic and not enough airtime has generally been given to men’s mental health. Looking through the stats, if you are male or have […]

S01 E11 Guided Meditation

Here’s a guided meditation to help you relax. Meditation is the way to combat the trials and tribulations of modern life. In addition to the mental benefits of practising meditation, there are also the physical ones which Dr Kamila Hortynska discusses in Episode 2. So switch off your phone, screens and find a comfortable place […]

S01 E10 Shakela Shan Good Nutrition Made Simple

Want to know some easy strategies to improve your nutrition and overall health? Shakela Shan is a Nutritional Therapist based in Leeds who takes a simple and holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. It’s not just about the food either – we talk about sleep, exercise (too much can be just as harmful as not […]

S01 E08 Sue Cooper Integrative Health Communities

Integrative health communities, views from an Elder. Former NHS nurse now an ‘elder’ of the holistic community, Sue Cooper is passionate about meditation, mindfulness, ayurvedic medicine and creating an integrative care community. Sue talks about how she went from burn-out and having panic attacks to the art of living well and her bedrock, meditation. She […]

S01 E07 Costa Rica, Blue Zones, diet & life

Costa Rican diet, the environment, living long and well are all subjects discussed by Ligia Salazar, owner of Costa Rican food company Curubanda. Ligia discusses how she discovered the connection between what she was eating and her health at the tender age of 16. Also she talks about how her diet has evolved from macrobiotics […]

S01 E06 Angels, Bees, Celebrant

This week Gloria is in Nottingham visiting Alison Knox. When you think of somebody who says they are involved with angels you may immediately think of someone who is…..well….different. Alison, who is a down to earth Northern lass from the North West is perhaps not the person you might expect her to be. In addition […]

Sharing the Vibe S01 E04 Yoga

This week yoga teacher Samuel Fong Brooks talks us through how he went from personal trainer to co-owner of Leeds Yoga Studio. Sam’s open and honest account describes his personal journey and how yoga supported him. Sam references some people and sources who have helped him; Reggie Ray https://www.dharmaocean.org/ Ram Dass https://www.ramdass.org/ Vajrayana Buddhism Krishna Das http://krishnadas.com/ Yogaglo https://www.yogaglo.com/ […]

Sharing the Vibe S01 E03 PSYCH-K

This week we hear from Sharon Lock, one of only two qualified PSYCH-K® Instructors in the UK. Sharon talks through her journey, personal story and how she became first a homeopath and then discovered PSYCH-K®. https://psych-k.com/ She brings one of our favourite books with her, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and reads a short section about […]