I appreciate that it’s been a while since our last episode. There continues to be a lot of change for everyone during this time (yes an understatement, I know). I’m very much about sharing stories that are of interest to me and/or that are very relevant to what’s going on. This one ticks both of those boxes.

I first met Ellie Harrison last September when she was a panellist for one of our Kinder Communities events for the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing. Ellie is an amazing artist and I wanted to find out more about her body of work called The Grief Series. I really enjoyed hearing about the different projects that form this work and her collaborations with other artists in the UK and Mexico.

Grief is something we all experience and yet we don’t talk about it enough. These projects allow people to explore it in creative and safe ways using compassion, humour, clever words, emotion, fun and splashes of colour.

Ellie also talks about how she’s been providing others with support this past year through resources that she’s made readily available. To explore them and learn more about her work please check her website:




Welcome to our episode entitled What it Means to be Kinder to Yourself which coincides with the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing. The Festival runs from the 6th – 12th of September and Monday the 7th is Kinder to Self day. We invited Miranda Arieh and Matt Wilson to talk about this important topic and to offer practical tips. Miranda is a musician, songwriter and mental health campaigner in Leeds. Matt is a Personal Trainer and Director of SitFit CIC which offers seated exercises for an older age group in East Leeds.

Hi everybody and welcome to Sharing the Vibe podcast.

We’re busy getting out and about, meeting interesting people to feature on the pod. Our first series will be going live in September with a new episode going out each week.

We’re all about sharing ideas and stories to motivate you to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Whether that be exercise, food, relaxation, sleep or good mental health. If you have something you’d like to share, please get in touch.