Mindfulness, relaxation, coping with stress, we are getting chilled out this week on STV.

Our guest is Kamila Hortynska who is a clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist. She tells us about how she discovered mindfulness, and why everyone is doing it. As an avid reader she also gives us lots of ideas for books to read.

Not sure what mindfulness is? Don’t worry, Kamila explains and takes us through a practical exercise to follow. So make sure you are listening somewhere you can shut your eyes and stop for a few minutes. www.leedscbt.co.uk



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  1. Pete Turner
    Pete Turner says:

    I’ve just listened to the So1 Eo2 episode with Dr Kamilla Horentska. I did my first Eight Week MBCT course back in 2015, with Kamilla. It was a transformational experience for me! So much so that I now teach mindfulness to children in primary and secondary schools, having trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project and Mindful Schools in the USA. It was fascinating to hear Kamilla’s own story and to hear her leading a practice again. That brought me back to the first time she led a practice because that was the moment when it clicked for me. She is a very clear teacher and embodies the practice beautifully. Thank you for this wonderfully inspiring and interesting interview. I have subscribed and look forward to hearing more!!


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