This week yoga teacher Samuel Fong Brooks talks us through how he went from personal trainer to co-owner of Leeds Yoga Studio. Sam’s open and honest account describes his personal journey and how yoga supported him.

Sam references some people and sources who have helped him;

Reggie Ray

Ram Dass

Vajrayana Buddhism

Krishna Das


Leeds Yoga hosted the recent STV get together, check out the FB page to see the video

Sam’s website is:



STV view: Paul has been to yoga on and off for three years. He has to spend a lot of time driving and over the years this took its toll on his lower back. “I’d get out of the car after a two hour drive it was taking me 10 minutes to stand up straight. The first time I went to yoga it felt like my back was just really pleased to be stretched in all the right places.

I’ve predominantly done Ashtanga yoga and am usually one of only two guys in the class out of twenty. I think it’s kind of funny really that guys are usually less flexible than girls, yet it is the girls who have figured out that yoga is the way to develop better core strength and be more supple. I do one class every week now, but would like to do two. The relaxation section of the class is also really cool. Different teachers have different approaches. Some do full guided meditations, others just leave you there quietly at the end of a class to relax and de-stress.

“I think most guys think that yoga isn’t a workout, but they are wrong. After a 75 minute class I’m usually drenched in sweat. The poses often have different options so often when you master one, there is a modification that intensifies it.  It is also a great way to become a bit more mindful about your body, and tune in a bit more to what is going on. In fact yoga, mindfulness and meditation all feel linked to me.”

Sam Fong Brooks

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