I appreciate that it’s been a while since our last episode. There continues to be a lot of change for everyone during this time (yes an understatement, I know). I’m very much about sharing stories that are of interest to me and/or that are very relevant to what’s going on. This one ticks both of those boxes.

I first met Ellie Harrison last September when she was a panellist for one of our Kinder Communities events for the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing. Ellie is an amazing artist and I wanted to find out more about her body of work called The Grief Series. I really enjoyed hearing about the different projects that form this work and her collaborations with other artists in the UK and Mexico.

Grief is something we all experience and yet we don’t talk about it enough. These projects allow people to explore it in creative and safe ways using compassion, humour, clever words, emotion, fun and splashes of colour.

Ellie also talks about how she’s been providing others with support this past year through resources that she’s made readily available. To explore them and learn more about her work please check her website:



Our latest episode celebrates Black History Month with three amazing ladies who are members of the Leeds African Communities Trust. Meet Lucy Ndlovu, Abigail Marshall Katung and Kendi Guantai and please have a look at their biographies further below.

We explored the idea of the Strong Black Woman; where does it come from? why is it important? what are the positive and negative aspects of it?

I found this discussion fascinating as I’m not from that community and wanted to learn more. I also wanted to compare it with the messages that I received from my Latin American cultural background.


Lucy Ndlovu is a researcher and a recent graduate at Leeds Beckett University where she completed an MA in Public Relations and strategic communication. She currently works in the Housing sector in this field. She is interested in the sociocultural model of PR and communication and as a practitioner, Lucy looks at race, gender, class and ethics and how these frame vital discussions within organisations.


Abigail Marshall Katung is a Labour & Cooperative Councillor in Leeds City Council. She’s the Lead Member for BAME, Support Executive Member, Chairs the Strategic Board of FE (14-19)25yrs and the Hate Crime Strategic Board. She is the first African to be elected on to the Leeds Council in May 2019. She is also an England Athletics Coach specialising in sprinting at the Leeds City Athletics Club.


Dr. Kendi Guantai is a public speaker, corporate communications expert, mother and community advocate. In her work, Dr. Guantai is an academic at the Leeds University Business School (LUBS), where she designs and delivers postgraduate courses in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. She is also a trainer on the Goldman Sachs 10K Women’s Project and is currently the Vice President of the International Association for Business Communicators (IABC) – EMENA region. She is also the current President and co-founding trustee of the Leeds African Communities Trust.

Thank you for all your support for the first series of our podcast! Whether you’ve subscribed, liked our Facebook page, commented or simply shared a link with a friend (hopefully you’ve done all of these things!), we deeply appreciate your help in getting this information out there to all the people who need it.

This is the final episode of our first series and a few of you have asked me when I was going to share my story about the path that has led me to co-create this podcast.  So just how did I get from New York to Leeds (via Costa Rica, Washington, DC and San Francisco). Well here it is…

I asked my good friend Kendi Guantai to take my role. Kendi is an intelligent, wonderful, heart centered woman who is all about good communication and was the only person who came into my mind when I thought about who would interview me.

You will hear about my experience of holistic health, homeopathy, PSYCH-K® and some of my spiritual views.

I hope that something resonates with you.

Gloria x